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1)Research Overview
IOO focuses on cutting-edge technology and the strategy need of national development, is charged with National Natural Science Funds,“973” Program,“863” Program,National Major Projects for Science and Technology, Minkou Technology Major Projects and Public Welfare Professional Science Research Program. We strengthen the organic integration of production, education and research; we increasingly improve the capabilities of research science self-renovation. We further deepen the implement of the strategic cooperation with large companies such as Offshore Oil Engineering Co. LTD. The school service and the society leading ability are generally improving.   

2)Science Papers
Core members of IOO(Jilan Su, Meng Zhou, Kuncheng Fu, Lian Lian, Jun Xu, Baoheng Yao, Yu Zhang), there are 32 articles published in total, among which:
• 14 papers are embodied in SCI
• 2 papers are embodied in EI
• 8 papers are published on core journal
• 3 monographs are published 

3)Science Research Projects
IOO has a new the State Plan for Development of Basic Research in Key Areas (973 Program, Chief Scientist), including two tire-one sub-projects of the 973 Program, one State Natural Science Fund Young Support Project. Ongoing projects include a 973 sub-project, a 863 major project, seven National Natural Science Fund Projects, two Minkou Science and technology major projects, one Public Welfare Professional Science Research Program. The current fund of science research is more than 100 million RMB(Not including Marine Social Science):
• 2013 new government sponsored research projects:16.84 million RMB
• 2013 ongoing government sponsored research projects:86.35 million RMB


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