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Institute of Oceanography, Shanghai Jiao Tong University 800 Dong Chuan Road, Minhang, Shanghai, China

Physical Oceanography Laboratory (POL)
Develop integrated shipboard, towed, moored and autonomous-platform sensor networks; and develop mathematical theories and numerical models for monitoring and studying physical processes affecting thermohaline circulation, mesoscale currents, eddies and upwelling, and their effects on biogeochemical and biological processes, ecosystem functions and climate change.
Develop laboratory and in situ technologies for studying deep-sea extremophiles and ecosystem; use modern molecular methods to study biodiversity and functioning of microbes in various deep sea environments, and their impacts on carbon cycles, climate change and life-environment co-evolution.
Marine Technology Center(MTC)
Develop innovative technologies for submersibles, underwater mobile platforms, sensors and underwater operation, and capability in
supporting ocean exploration and scientific research. 


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