The "Nezha III (VTOL)" hybrid aerial underwater vehicle developed by the marine technology research group of SOO was published in the top journal of the field of robotics
Contribution:Chenxin Lyu Date:2022/04/02

Recently, Chenxin Lyu, co-supervised by Zheng Zeng and Lian Lian, published online in Journal of Field Robotics entitled Toward a Gliding Hybrid Aerial Underwater Vehicle: Design, Fabrication, and Experiments. This paper presents theoretical analysis, design criteria, prototype design, and experimental work of Nezha III (VTOL), a new type of Hybrid Aerial Underwater Vehicle (HAUV). This Research is supported in part by the Shanghai Committee Science and Technology Project 20dz1206600, the Natural Science Foundation of Shanghai under Grant 20ZR1424800 and partly by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Scientific and Technological Innovation Funds under Grant 2019QYB04.

Flight-dive-flight cycle overview

Nezha III buoyancy-attitude coupling control

Fixed-wing fly and underwater gliding constraint analysis

The new concept HAUV is a highly maneuverable cross-media carrier platform that can travel through the air and water. For the first time, the marine technology team of the School of Oceanography organically integrated the design concept of the Underwater Glider (UG) with the design idea of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and innovatively proposed a multi-modal HAUV with vertical take-off and landing and hovering, horizontal flight and underwater glide functions - "Nezha" series. The newly developed "Nezha III (VTOL)" HAUV has 25-meter underwater navigation, 24-hour underwater silent submersible navigation, good air movement, and cross-media capabilities, and is currently the most extended underwater endurance of HAUVs publicly released at home and abroad. The "Nezha" series of HAUV will break through the limitations of the current autonomous underwater observation system and unmanned aerial vehicles in marine observation and sampling applications. As a result, they will be widely used in oceanography, engineering, and the military to carry out air, surface simultaneously, and underwater exploration applications in specific sea areas, significantly improving China's sea and air three-dimensional monitoring capabilities and levels.


"Nezha III (VTOL)" was tested in Qiandao Lake

Temperature profile observation data of a water area of Qiandao Lake