The graduate graduation ceremony of the Class of 2022

Time stops for no one, and the seasons keep changing.

Graduation that once seemed out of reach,

With the wind of summer, it comes quietly.”


On June 22, 2022, the online graduation ceremony of Class of 2022 graduate was held by School of Oceanography, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

With the solemn national anthem, the ceremony officially began.

A special warm-up video recording students' campus life, made the graduation ceremony more meaningful and impressive to students.

Prof. Meng Zhou, Dean of the SOO, congratulated every graduate of their achievements, expressed his great respect to all the teachers who have been devoting themselves to cultivating the students and sincere thanks to the parents for their support.

He encouraged the graduates to be responsible, stressed students to equip themselves with adequate skills and knowledge to face the challenges and to excel in their career. He also expected everyone to achieve pinnacle of success with positive framework of mind.

On behalf of the Second Institute of Oceanography, Prof. Jianfang Chen spoke highly of the SOO, affirmed the cooperation between the SOO and SIO, and encouraged the students to overcome the difficulties on the road of ocean science.

Speaking on behalf of the supervisors, Prof. Lei Zhou remembered the time he spent with the graduates. He emphasized on the importance of schooling and the values to carry forward in their life.

The ceremony followed by reading out the list of Outstanding Graduates by Prof. Wei Li, Chir of SOO Council. They were honored and blessed by the municipal government and school.

Huizi Dong, spoke as a graduate representative. She looked back over the past few years studying at SOO. She was proud to have witnessed the growth of the school and wished all graduates a bright future.

Academician Jilan Su gave earnest wishes to the students. He said the graduation of the Class of 2022 is of great significance, and expects them to make outstanding contributions to China's ocean field in the future.

The online Graduation ceremony was concluded with the school song and digital photo album.

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